Monday, July 24, 2006

Whatever happens, happens

In checking the website just now, I found out what my grade is for my introductory class, and what do you know, I got an A. Sweet.

Wednesday morning at 6am, I can register for my fall courses. I'm hoping to get into LIS 703 "Organization of Knowledge," a.k.a. cataloging, but if I don't get into that one, I'll go for LIS 704, which is "Reference & Online Services," both of which are prerequisites for almost all of the other courses. The core courses for the MLIS are apparently notoriously difficult, so I'm okay with just taking one this fall, maybe even just one this spring. I don't want to burn out before I really get started.


melanie said...

Congrats on the A! I've decided to link other people's blogs to mine ... mind if I put yours up there?

rubybeth said...

Melanie! Link away. Where is your blog?