Sunday, July 09, 2006


Sad, just sad. Really disappointed with France, with Zidane especially, but the silver lining is Germany's win over Portugal in yesterday's third place match. Ah, well. I figured Italy would win the whole thing when they killed Germany's chances on Tuesday. Gah.

Finally went to see "The Lake House" with my mom this afternoon after the match. Kind of a sad movie, even though the ending is supposedly happy (although it doesn't make sense chronologially, but whatever).

Andrea called earlier from the Winnipeg Folk Festival, which wraps up today, and apparently she had heat stroke. Poor kid. Her group is heading home tomorrow, so after five days of no Andrea, we'll have her back. Now to wait until the end of July for Cata to get home, the 2nd of August when my cousin Angie comes home from nearly a year in Ecuador, and only something like 88 days until S returns...

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