Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tengo la camisa negra

I worked this morning at the branch library where I was an aide for five years. It was a subbing opportunity I couldn't pass up, and the hours just flew by. The branch assistant and library aide and volunteer were great, and we got a lot done in a little amount of time. Branches are so much different than working at the larger headquarters for the system, so I got to do some tasks I don't really ever get to do (looking for holds, training in the volunteer, etc.) and bag some extra hours for the old paycheck.

I got a "thanks but no thanks" letter today from a law library where I had an interview at the end of June. I'm really okay with it, since the job was the night shift, and I'm not sure that would be the best option for me being in grad school and having evening classes. I just prayed that they would find someone really awesome who would love the night work, and I'm sure that they did. Relief.

This evening is a going-away dinner for a co-worker who is also starting her graduate program. I'm really happy for her, since I know she really wanted to expand her horizons, so to speak, and the dinner tonight should be a great time. I didn't get to go to the Holiday dinner this past winter because it coincided with a family gathering for my dad and godmother's birthdays, so I'm excited about hanging out with co-workers in a non-work setting. Last weekend, a few of us went to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see the BodyWorlds exhibit, and it's always fun getting to talk to people and get to know them better in a different environment.

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melanie said...

how'd you like bodyworlds? bodyworlds 2 was here in denver. i went and i think i would have liked it much more if there were less people. the lines were so long and annoying. still, pretty cool stuff.