Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Get To Work" and trying to get to work

Doesn't surprise me at all that a writer for Boundless has something to say about this same book that I just wrote about. Linda Hirshman is at least getting men and women alike to think about these issues, whether they are personal or political. I guess every life choice can be seen as both. Every major decision I make in my life has ramifications, however small, for every other woman, and every other man the same.

Oddly enough, I had a job interview today. No real idea of how it went, but I see job interviews as practice if nothing else. I can choose to see them as scary and stressful, or I can decide that it's totally out of my hands and that I've got to relinquish any feeling of control over a situation to the creator of this universe, because ulimately, I have all of absolutely no control over anything except what I wear and do or say to make me look either good or bad during an interview process. Plus, I think I'm a pretty cool person, a pretty excellent employee and co-worker (for the most part, haven't heard too many complaints or had any backstabbing happening at any of my jobs) and I think that comes out in an interview.

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