Wednesday, July 12, 2006

There are no squirrels in Hawaii

Seeing my college friends Kelly and Sara-Bridgett last night was super. It's been months since I'd last seen them (at Kelly's lovely, snowy winter wedding in December), so meeting up at Granite City Brewery in Maple Grove was much needed. We talked about weddings, writing, the SIMS, marriage, nieces and nephews (Kelly's and Sara's, not mine) and so on. We have loose plans to read a book Sara suggested and then meet up in a few weeks to discuss it.

The three of us are also hoping to go to the Naomi Nye reading at the Loft this fall. One of our creative writing professors is friends with Naomi and when Sara was in San Antonio a while ago, they met up at the insistence of our former prof. Sara says she now gets really random and nice e-mails from Naomi. Kelly, the high school teacher among us, said, "Naomi is in the textbook I use for classes!" How cool will it be to meet her?

I'm being kind of anti-social tonight. Alex invited me out to his cabin with Andrea and Chris, but I just wanted to stay in my air conditioned basement and watch more of "A Fine Romance." I'm slupring down a frappucino, listening to Mozart, pondering the meaning of all the papers piled half a foot high on my desk.

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