Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How do I live without you?

So Cata, who is Colombian and lives with us and goes to school here in Minnesota, has been gone to Atlanta since the end of June. Man, do I ever miss her! It's terrible. I have nobody to greet me with "Hola Bethica!!!" and go window shopping with (she doesn't like to spend money, and neither do I), nobody to hug me enthusiastically for no reason, and nobody here to watch trashy television.

"My Super Sweet 16" is on MTV right now, and I'm just wishing Cata would be here to glorify in the awfulness of it with me. That's the kind of thing we do. We watched "The Real Desperate Housewives of Orange County" together when it was on Bravo, and it was awesome. We watched the travesty that was the "Mrs. World" pageant, hosted by Alan Thicke. We watched some of the World Cup together on Univision, and didn't understand the commentators except for "cabezaso" which I knew meant "header."

This past year, I would try to watch "Rebelde" with Cata each afternoon and would understand 1/3 of it and bug her with questions. "Is that guy mad?" "Did she cheat on him?" "Why is he acting so weird?" "What does that mean?" and on and on. Finally, she would give me the remote and say I could watch what I wanted to watch, but I really did want to watch the crazy Mexican soap opera when I only understood every fourth word.

She comes back on July 30, and I'm psyched. The only problem is, she's transferring schools this fall. She won't be going to the same school as Andrea anymore, she'll be in Iowa at a community college, racking up credits at a cheaper tuition level. She plans to transfer back to Minnesota and get her B.A. in marketing, but when she goes for good, I don't know what I'll do.

Anyone else want to come over and watch television in Spanish with me?

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