Monday, July 03, 2006

I really like being called sugarplum

At work today, we started scanning the entire collection. It's a daunting task, but it's something many libraries do constantly, on an ongoing basis, a shelf or two each day, every day, then starting over again at the beginning—000 to 999, FIC A to FIC Z. A couple of my coworkers and I got into a really good groove and were able to get a good chunk done, except that there are so many more shelves to go, it's almost unbelievable. I have yet to decide if I will volunteer to work next Sunday when the library is closed in order to partake of the scanning party (treats provided). What else have I got to do?

S has promised me a letter, a real letter from him, not a postcard or a note scrawled and put into a bubble envelope with disposable cameras to have photos developed. He called tonight and said he failed to finish it and send it, but that's okay with me. I know he will succeed eventually, and it will be lovely, because it's from him.

Really looking forward to the Fourth of July party at our house tomorrow. Andrea and I procured some special treats for the day (I promise flickr photos in abundance) and tomorrow night there is going to be the largest fireworks display central Minnesota has ever seen, at the Mississippi. We've got lots of family invited, raspberry Jell-o will be present and accounted for, and you can bet that even though I don't exactly feel comfortable with what's going on politically, I will be wearing plenty of red, white and blue.

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