Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Learning to self-soothe

Today is nutty at work. Someone called in sick and someone else took the day off, so we're juggling the entire Circulation department with two people. I'm going to be out at the desk twice in five hours, but oh well.

It's getting warmer outside, but I'm having to wear warmer clothes to work because they turned on the air conditioning. The library is old and the heating is very weird. Some parts of the library will feel like a million degrees, but our back work area is about 68 or so. I think it will be worth it to spend millions of dollars on a new library in the next three years, so we can have proper lighting and heating/cooling systems.

Watched "The Count of Monte Christo" with S and his cousin Nate last night. In these last few days before he leaves, S seems to be pretty attached to me. I know he'll be okay once he gets there and is busy with everything he'll be doing, but I am a little concerned about his emotional state without his usual support, essentially his immediate family and me.

My new mantra: it's only five months, it's only five months...

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