Friday, April 21, 2006

Don't be alarmed, I fear we're falling back to ground

Long day at work because I was overly tired. Not sure how late I was up talking to S, but it's safe to guess I got about six hours of sleep altogether. Some coffee kept me alive this morning but I forewent caffeine at lunchtime so I was somewhat dragging.

After work, met with Cata and Andrea and my cousin Emily to celebrate her 13th birthday today. We went to out to eat and then came back to our house to play some cards and have cake with everyone. The huge margarita I had in lieu of actual food at dinner is probably not helping with my lack of sleep. I keep foibling letters while typing, but I'm not drunk in the least, it's just a matter of having been up since 7am.

Here's hoping listening to some Circa Survive will rouse me so I can stay awake until at least 10pm...

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