Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's getting better since you've been mine

I actually have to admit that it's not getting better. I still miss S terribly, thinking about him constantly and trying not to worry, and am to the concocting stage where I try to think of ways to go to Alaska to see him, but obviously I'm not going to actually do that. Everybody has told me how it gets easier.

"It gets easier!" they say.

Well, it's been three weeks and it's not getting easier. I feel less like crying all the time, but missing him is now a regular state of emotion for me. Yesterday, I brought flowers and a card to his grandmother who just had hip surgery, so I got to see her and his mom and Zipper the dog.

I need to think of something else, because I can't talk to him while he's on the Chilkoot Trail. I need to busy myself with something. Maybe I'll start another book this afternoon.

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