Monday, April 17, 2006

It's easier when no place feels like home

Easter was pretty cool, grandparents came over for dinner, Andrea and I sent Cata on an Easter egg hunt, and hung out with my cousin Erik who got home from Colorado yesterday evening. It's good to have Erik back, and to know he's glad to be home. Apparently, being a ski lift operator at a ski resort is really boring! Huh, who would have figured.

Well, upon the advice of my cousin Jess, I finally read "The Five Love Languages for Singles" by Gary Chapman. I've read a lot of books on relationships and love in the last few months, but this one is different. It really gets at the heart of what individuals perceive as "love," be it acts of service, physical touch, quality time, gifts, or words of affirmation. I'm having a hard time figuring out my primary language, because I accept all five as displays of love. I love thoughtful gifts, hugs, having chores done for me, being told I'm great, and spending quality time with people I care about.

When I told S about the five love languages, he said I'm good at doing all five as well, which was interesting for me to think about. From his perspective, I am very loving toward him, and I barely even think about it. Sometimes I will have a vague sense of "I would like to give this to S," or wanting to help him, but that comes from my appreciation for him. And of course I offer words of affirmation, quality time, and am open with my physical affection for him, as well. He also does all five for me, though I think my primary love languages are probably touch and quality time (quality conversation), which is probably why I miss his physical presence so much, and the five minute phone calls every few days make me feel so cut off from him. But some long conversations over the weekend have helped with that.

Saturday night was a good time. I wrote about it on, but let me say that I will probably never get tired of seeing Saves the Day. This was my fourth time seeing them, and they continue to play a good show, and as long as they keep putting out albums along the lines of rock music, I will buy them and probably like them. This isn't the case with all bands I've liked (case in point, Weezer), but the consistency is there with Saves the Day. Circa Survive was also awesome to see. I would definitely go to another show of theirs, they had a good live show vibe, the lead singer has that incredibly vocal range, and it was fun. Andrea said it was one of the best shows ever, and I guess I kind of agree.

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