Friday, March 31, 2006

Darn that dream I dream each night

Really enjoying the musical stylings of Electric Nikki. Just two kids making silly music, making fun of Hawthorne Heights, etc. I never thought I would have the urge to put a song on my MySpace page, but I put "Ohio is for Losers" there as soon as I listened to it. "I made that word up!!"

S bought his plane ticket yesterday, figured out the Alaska Marine Highway logistics (much cheaper than flying from Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport to Juneau directly). So he leaves next Thursday for Seattle, and will return September 25. Today his goal was to figure out his car insurance while he's away and call T-Mobile and find out his options. Not being able to send him random text messages will be weird. Not calling him whenever I want to will be hard at first, but then in May I will suddenly have more on my own plate.

I am pretty sure my class will start May 15 and be every Monday and Wednesday night until July 3. Introduction to Library and Information Science will probably help me figure out if this is the proper direction for my life. I'm not really sure how it could NOT be right, but I have to open to the possibility.

Going to watch Cary Grant in "My Favorite Wife," knit on the sweater I started yesterday, and keep my mind off S and unproductive worry.

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