Thursday, March 09, 2006

There's one of these for everything, or so they say

As a former user, I am in a blog-less state and have been for the last two months or so since diary-x was lost in a freak hard drive death. Unless you count blogs as real blogs. But I guess I don't, because I am starting this one. Normally, I am able to write in complete sentences, but not now.

I was reading an old e-mail, looking for my former blogger password and things (I started a while ago but can't remember any pertinent info for that blog, plus haven't knitted anything since Christmas, blech). What came up on my Mac instead of a welcome e-mail from blogspot was an old e-mail from January 2004. I had blogged about my wanting to give up on using the internet and writing about myself and I got this from my friend S:

"But I wanted to tell you that I read your blog and you better not stop writing. It would suck, cause reading it is like one of five things I regularly do online. And I just wouldn't be happy knowing one of my friends gave up on something she might actually enjoy and stopped and then you know I get depressed cause I can't read it and then you'd find out and you'd get depressed cause I got depressed and really then no one would have the energy to write blogs for anyone and then where would we be? Simply depressed forever. And maybe unable to find new blog frontiers because you know really really depressed people can't read much less write. They become functionally illiterate you know. But Washington doesn't count them in literacy statistics. It's really sad. So just keep on keep'n on ok?"

So I guess I'm going to keep on keep'n on, as he so put it. Welcome.

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