Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All I know about Alaska I learned from "Northern Exposure"

Really don't know how else to write this, so I guess I just dive in. S is going to Alaska for an as-of-yet undetermined length of time, somewhere between five and ten months, depending on which job he takes. He will leave in roughly ten days.

He's doing an AmeriCorps Vista and will be working somewhere near Juneau, sleeping in a tent, working with high school and college aged kids, and probably digging ditches and getting ridiculous amounts of fresh air.

I am actually incredibly proud of him and excited for him. I know that it will be a good experience for S to have, whether it is positive or negative, but it almost will have to be positive. It's frickin' Alaska! Part of me wishes I could do it myself.

Another part of me, of course, is nervous. I know he likes me very much, cares about me, doesn't want to leave me exactly, but needs to do this to fulfill some other part of himself. So I need to have courage and faith that it will be okay. I might need help with this, from family and friends, but mostly from God.

I just pray that he has a good time, grows strong in the ways he needs to (body, mind, spirit), and doesn't get rained on too much or mauled by a Kodiak bear...

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Anonymous said...

That's too bad about S, beth. :( Just remember...me and E dated for years with only seeing each other, like, hardly ever. It's no fun, but if the person's worth it, the experience is worth it too. In my case, it was definitely worth it. ;)

(keeping this post anonymous so random internet people don't read about me and E. But so you know who this is, you were at my house last Sunday.)