Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Listening to some salsa and kind of chair dancing

Helping my boyfriend write his resumé recently reminded me that I should probably update mine. I went through it today, looking over my summary of my experiences (seven years in libraries!) and my list of qualifications (detail-oriented! creative! speedy typist!). I added my "in progress" Masters degree, and my latest library position, which includes some supervising of library aides ("supervisory experience").

I realized I should contact my references and make sure that they still would say nice things about me. Sent off an e-mail to a former supervisor at Barnes & Noble where I was a bookseller for about a year and a half. He left the company four months before I did, and can thus actually talk about me to potential employers! Privacy policies are awesome, except when they're not. He said I can use him and gave me his current office phone, so I got to ditch an older reference from the time I spent in Nebraska.

Resumés aren't supposed to be a graveyard, they're supposed encapsulate potential. I hope I have the potential for greatness in service.

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