Friday, March 10, 2006

I ain't no damsel in distress

So I am sitting here trying to untangle my ear buds to listen to some music while I bang out an entry. I'm at work on break. Okay, untangling completed.

Speaking of work, today is going really fast for me. I am one of those people who honestly loves to work, but some days drag on forever even if I am happy to be here at the library. My job fulfills me in ways I can't even express. My attention for details, my sensitivity to people's needs, customer service, and tolerance for seemingly mundane tasks are all in play when I'm at work. For me, being a library assistant is fun and rewarding, the best fit I've ever had in a job.

This entry has no linear format whatsoever. I guess that makes sense since this has been a topsy-turvy week for me, emotionally.

On Sunday, my cousin Eddy was in a very serious skiing accident in Colorado where another of our cousins is working for the season. Eddy went out to Colorado with some friends to visit Erik, and now he's in a coma. He got too much air on a jump and landed unconscious. The lobes of his brain sheared against each other, his right leg has a bad open fracture (they inserted a titanium rod) and his wrist and ankle may also be broken. He responds to pain stimulus with gross motor movement and has opened his eyes twice that I know of while writing this entry. He's at something like a 7 or 8 on the scale they use for this type of coma (Glasgow Coma Score). I keep praying that he be totally healed. Eddy is only 18 years old, a brilliant young man with a head for computers and heart for God. Lord let him wake up and be completely okay. It's all I can do besides worry.

To leave this entry on a less worrisome note, I've gotten a few very sweet text messages today from the boyfriend. It's amazing what one line of text can do; it could brighten my day or throw me into a panic.

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