Sunday, June 25, 2006

With fingernails that shine like justice

My legs are sore from dancing at Simon and Eve's wedding reception last night, but it was worth it. DJ Andrea Danger played lots of fun music, and I got to hang out with cousins and the couple's friends and eat good food (pasta) and cheesecake (chocolate). Cata and I came home afterward to sleep in our own beds, and my parents and Andrea stayed in the hotel one more night.

The wedding itself was a success, and I ran around getting bouquets and finding people and being the personal attendant to the bride. Helped do the flower girl's hair (my cousin Maggie). My vocal solo also went well, received many compliments even though I was rather nervous. Snuck out of the church near the end in order to be ready to bustle Eve's gown and hold her bouquet while she shook hands and got hugs. Somehow cut my finger on my own corsage and bled a little on the ribbon from her flowers, but got it cleaned up and to the reception in time.

I am so totally having a small wedding, having a destination wedding far away, or eloping.

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