Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sights and sounds calling from far away

This page of personality surveys is kind of weirdly fun. A woman whose blog I read helps run it, or deals with the data from it, or something? Not totally sure, but she's a grad student in NYC, and she admits that she is 28 and has no idea what's she's doing, which is comforting in a way.

Cata and I just finished watching "Bridget Jones's Diary: The Edge of Reason," and I had to kind of describe British politics during the scene where one of Mark Darcy's lawyer buddies, Horatio, says that he doesn't support charitible giving. S called during the middle of my attempt, and I asked him, being a former political science student, what's the difference between Tories and Labour? He gave me a slightly better grasp of things, which I then relayed to Cata, who ultimately probably doesn't care at all. But we both enjoyed the movie, and it made us wistful and happy at the same time.

Speaking of S and Bridget Jones, apparently he was playing Trivial Pursuit the other night and managed to continue a winning streak with his knowledge of chick lit. The question was something like, "What novel by Helen Fielding started the chick lit craze?" and he knew that he knew the answer. When he said Bridget Jones, everyone was amazed, and he brushed it off, saying, "My girlfriend's a librarian." Well, not quite, but it's easier than actually explaining what I do and that I'm in school.

Went shopping today with Cata and spent too much on new shorts, but c'est la vie! Fluctuation of clothing sizes is annoying and expensive. I'm trying to get my daily dose of vitamins (in pill form) and fat (in ice cream form) but I think it's really a combination of things causing me to eat less overall and eat healthier food when I do eat. Not wasting away, just a little lovesick.

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