Friday, June 23, 2006

Remind me to elope

I'm going to leave in about an hour and a half for Simon and Eve's wedding rehearsal in Edina. I feel pretty well-prepared for singing in the wedding on Saturday thanks to practicing with my friend from work, Marissa. We also dorked around and sang Josh Groban songs and classic songs from movies like "Moon River," which was a good time. It reminded me of hanging out with my cousin Angie and doing Ben Folds Five sing-alongs with her on piano and both of us botching the lyrics.

My family should be home from vacation any moment now by my calculations. I've missed having them around, missed their company and laughter and smells of cooking and even their noise. I haven't missed their noise after 11pm, though, or while I've tried to study. I haven't missed having phone calls interrupted or being awoken in the morning by the lawn mower. But I have missed my parents and my sister and my exchange student. I like living with people I love who love me.

Feeling okay about taking a few days off from working on homework. I've got my component of our group's panel presentation together, I've got the last assignment done, and I've got an idea of what I'm going to write for my final essay. This means I will also feel probably okay taking Sunday afternoon to go to a coworker's graduation party. Party down.

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chaviva said...

I hope to hear all about the wedding. Of course my brother and wife will be there ... funtimes.