Monday, June 19, 2006

At work on a Monday morning

I decided that I did not need to try to cram all my work hours this week into the beginning of the week, and have instead opted out of Eve's bachelorette party and given myself shorter working days for Tuesday and Thursday. My boss has been really good about it, and it's saved me from having to take vacation time. Flexibility is priceless.

I've been trying to save up my vacation time in order to have a real vacation at some point, like flying or taking a train somewhere, possibly with S to some interesting and potentially warm locale. I didn't even have enough time saved up this year to go to our usual family resort vacation, even if I wanted to, and couldn't go anyway because of taking my first grad class. I'm glad I'm in the class, and I'm glad it's almost done, but I am a little sad I couldn't go up to the "the lake" and hang out with my sisters and cousins.

I'm done with work at 1pm, and then I'll grab lunch and relax a little before heading for St. Paul once again...

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