Saturday, June 17, 2006

Someone's thinking of me, and loving me tonight

Ammendment: paper I thought was due Monday is actually due next Monday, June 26. This means I am done with a project exactly one week and two days before it is technically due. New levels of anti-procrastination have been reached by one Beth V. Ringsmuth.

I've come up with some bullet points for my group's panel presentation, but I need to read more of what I've printed out on the PATRIOT Act. Just finished the chapter on privacy in Michael Gorman's book, which had some usable bits in it. Man is he ever opinionated.

Also, I took time out to get a burrito from Chipotle, watched a couple episodes of "A Fine Romance" and took a brief nap. Also, walked around the block and checked on the rabbit. She's still alive. Picked a couple flowers for my desk, listened to some public radio, and now it's nearly 10pm. I think I'll do a bit more reading, probably talk to S again, then sleep.

The house is almost too quiet. By Monday, I won't notice, since I've got work and going to St. Paul each evening until Thursday which is my day to breathe.

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