Thursday, June 15, 2006

This bird has flown

I'm feeling kind of desperate lately. Desperate for a break, desperate for S. School is ramping up and wrapping up in four more class meetings, and with Simon & Eve's wedding happening next weekend, I'm looking forward to some semblance of a break from the usual. Their reception should be super fun since my own dear sister Andrea is going to be their DJ. DJ Danger Andrea's going to rock the house.

This weekend, I am going to attempt to:
a) practice my solo for the wedding with a real accompanist,
b) do most of the rest of the readings for class,
c) complete bullet points/powerpoint slides for group presentation,
d) complete paper due Monday,
e) begin final essay exam,
f) breathe.

I am in such need of a vacation, but I don't have enough hours saved up, and all I really want is to see S, but the only way to do that would be the volunteer on his work crew. Not exactly a mini-break at a posh hotel, is it? And highly unlikely, since I am not exactly the fun-is-outdoorsy type, let alone the work-in-the-outdoorsy type. S says I can come and work, or we can go somewhere in January. I'm thinking warmth, I'm thinking tropical, I'm thinking hostel, I'm thinking ocean or rainforest.

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