Saturday, May 27, 2006

When being the skinny girl sucks a lot

Now, I don't think about my weight on a regular basis at all, but lately (as in, the last few months) the topic of my weight has come up a lot around my house and in discussion with S. I honestly do not weigh myself even once a month, but when my exchange student mentioned that I looked like I "lost weight," I had to find out. I'm somewhere around 130, give or take a few pounds, but lately I guess it's more on the take side. S says, "So you're thin." This isn't really a problem, except in relation to clothing.

This past winter, I had to buy some new pants because my old ones were too big, bagging out. Pulled out my summer shorts and little shirts yesterday, and guess what? The shorts I bought for last summer now kind of hang off of me. I had to pull out a belt to make them work. I'm not anorexic, I swear I've been eating, including fast food, so what is happening to me? Shit, I just want my dang clothes to fit!

Andrea thinks it could be a parasite.

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