Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Lord is glorified in this healing

In the last month, I haven't written much about my cousin Eddy, who was in a skiing accident in Colorado on March 5th and was in a coma. Currently, he's at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul receiving care, and making an incredible recovery so far. Eddy is off the charts, and may be moved to a different rehabilitation facility in the coming weeks. He spoke his first words on April 10th and continues to respond correctly to conversation and questions, and also says things like "thank you" to his caregivers. He is holding his head up much better this week than last, and the doctors have told my aunt and uncle, "You will get your son back."

An excerpt from an update my cousin Simon sent last week included the following:

"Tonight I saw a transformed Eddy. He was so much improved in every
aspect that I believe it was a miracle from our Lord. I believe He
is using Eddy in powerful ways to minister to others by virtue of his
miraculous healing, and He will continue to heal Eddy until a full
recovery is made. The Lord's name is being praised here, and let us
never forget the lengths to which our Lord will go for us in order
that glory might be brought to Him."

What better place to publicly praise God than my blog? Hallelujah, Eddy is getting better every day and cooperating in his recovery, all with the Lord's helping hand. Thank you, dear Lord, you hear our prayers and are faithful.

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Anonymous said...

Beth. I am glad to hear about your cousin. That is very scary. I looked at his myspace. Beth, next time you are down here, we should meet for coffee or something. Coley