Friday, May 12, 2006

Since U Been Gone

My buddy Michael Byrne gave me a data disc with new music, which included some awesome Kelly Clarkson remixes. I am not exactly the type to listen to a lot of pop music, but Kelly Clarkson won her popularity and, I feel, deserves her level of fame, as opposed to someone like, say, Ashlee Simpson (coat-tail riding, etc). Anyway, the remixes are so uptempo and catchy, listening to them fueled me with energy and I started work on two of my homework assignments.

The assignment that is most interesting to me is the advertisement analysis, in which we are supposed to find job postings in our area of interest and determine the requirements and what types of educational experiences we will need to have in order to obtain these jobs. Not surprisingly, I have already bookmarked many sites for potential future jobs, and so it was basically a matter of printing out copies of the listings. This assignment isn't due for like two weeks but I am fascinated, both by what I've found and what my classmates might turn up. I know already that most jobs require something like 2-5 years experience in a library, and I'm wondering how this will play out for those who have no library track record.

The assignment that is due on Wednesday, the second day of class, is an analysis of survey data I had to collect on at least 10 people's sources for information and library use. The statistics were mostly unsurprising, and I'm able to explain my methodology and sound academic. It's kind of weird, this getting excited about homework thing. I'm not too keen on the readings I've had so far, except maybe a few sections of "Library: An Unquiet History" by Battles and the article by Sallie Tisdale from Harper's Magazine, "Silence Please."

I have to admit that homework is supplying a sufficient distraction from longing to see S. I think I still may be in some stage of grief, but coming close to acceptance. Plus, it is very nearly halfway through May, which means roughly four and a half months to go until he is done with his job in Alaska and can come back to me.

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