Sunday, May 28, 2006

Handshakes and smiles

Some of my coworkers mentioned yesterday that a coffee shop in town, near the downtown area, was closing today. I was kind of sad to hear it, since I had never been there. S had wanted to take me there on multiple occasions but it was always closed when we tried to go. Today at chapel I found out the reason it's closing—the church bought it. It's going to be Book and Bean Coffee, owned and operated by Calvary Chapel St. Cloud. This was incredibly exciting news, and to hear the story of what the pastor went through this past week really enforced the "waiting on God" ideal I aspire to.

Waiting on God is a big thing to me since I am relatively young, in graduate school for what I feel is my calling, and dating an awesome guy. My life could go in so many different directions, and I want things to happen now. I'm the MTV generation and I've used a computer since I was five and I want it now, Lord, or better yet, yesterday. Waiting is difficult, but it has a transforming effect, a growth effect. And with waiting comes great abundance, so I have nothing to fear.

It's something like 90 degrees out, and I've got to get some homework done, but maybe I will allow a little bit of procrastination in order to enjoy our pool sometime today.

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