Thursday, May 04, 2006

Coming for to carry me home

Hung out with Chris and Andrea today at the mall. Got some very unnecessary shoes at the Gap but they were cheap and they're green flats, so why not? It's kind of a cloudy cold day, but in comparison to even early March, it's really nice, and everything has gotten very, very green since our four days of rain. Those days of rain made me feel sympathy for S and the endless amounts of rain in Alaska, everything being waterproof or dissolving over time.

Mac security is one of my least concerns in relation to my computer. The most annoying thing I experience with any of my gear is with my mouse, and it's a Kensington wireless, which, due to the design of my desk and where I have the little base sometimes refuses to work. That, and my white keyboard gets dirty, crumbs where you can see them through the clear plastic. Bring on the viruses, I say. It's still easier to fix a Mac when something goes wrong than it is to throw a Dell out the window when it gets infected.

S is in Skagway for a couple days, so I've gotten to talk to him, which feels like a luxury after a week with no communication whatsoever. I'm going to test the limits of General Delivery and the U.S. Postal Service by sending something to Juneau. We'll see if this works. If it does, the next thing to try sending is a banana. Or myself.

Thinking serious thoughts is good.

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Simon said...

That article on odd mailings is very strange. A hammer? Weird! Who thinks of this stuff? :)