Friday, May 19, 2006

Just wait around for me

Kind of half woke up this morning and was thinking about my weekend plans to possibly go to the grand opening of the new Minneapolis Central Library, and then drifted back to sleep. Was awoken by my alarm clock, set to Minnesota Public Radio's Morning Edition, and who was Mary Ann Combs talking to but the architect of the library, Cesar Pelli. Interesting chat, glad to hear people calling in, excited about the library. Maybe I won't go tomorrow, as I'm sure it will be crazy busy, but perhaps I could go early to the cities on Monday and check it out before class.

I have a somewhat annoying cold right now, and so does S. Based on our symptoms, we believe we have the same cold, more than 2,000 miles apart. I think he is headed to Anchorage today, said he would call while he was still in cell phone range and whenever he could. Yesterday he called me about six times, and on about the fifth call, I was like, "What's up? What's new?" and he said he is making up for the weeks when he hasn't been able to call at all. Nice, really nice.

I get to go into work a little later today since I worked a longer shift on Tuesday due to the Library 2.0 training, so today is a short five hour day. Then I really need to hunker down seriously with "Library: An Unquiet History" by Matthew Battles, since I need to have the entire book read for classes next week. Thankfully, I have Saturday through Monday off. This gives me time to read and still have free time in which to watch "Rosemary & Thyme." Ah, the priorities of my life.

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