Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My mom will probably read this

I always thought my mother knew I kept an online journal, but only recently (read: Sunday) did I find out she's reading the current blog. I don't know how frequently she's checking in, but apparently she found it via one of my cousin's blogs I have linked in my sidebar. I don't know what would be fascinating about my blog, since when I talk to her about some of the things I write about, her eyes tend to glaze over and she seems almost completely uninterested in the daily details of what goes on.

She also mentioned reading my sister's blog, and admitted going back and reading every entry. I think she's trying to find out about Andrea's not-boyfriend, Chris. But Andrea doesn't write anything specific in her blog, just these tiny little entries that only mean anything to her. I use my blog as a venting platform, and Andrea complains that I write "too much." So I asked my mom if she went and read my back entries, and she said no, "because they're too long." Some of my favorite bloggers write long essay-like passages describing single events, and I've picked up that style for some of my writing. If I write too much to even hold my mom's attention, there's no way I would ever get anything like a book deal out of this. It's totally for myself, anyway.

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