Sunday, May 28, 2006

It ain't necessarily so

Along with the upcoming class on library collection development policies, I am working on an assignment to gague trends for librarians. We're to choose a serial publication from a list and then read/scan all its archives from 2005. I thought I might choose the magazine Public Libraries, but I've often said that if I ever find that magazine to be remotely interesting, I would appreciate it if somebody kill me, please. So I went on a search for a more interesting source, and I think I found it in the magazine, Online, which seems to be about trends in online technologies and resources. One of the articles I read was on Open Access, so I find it greatly congruent that anyone can read back issues of Online, well, online!

Apparently there was some sort of party which the chapel crew were going to after church, and someone asked if I was going. "No, I have homework," I replied. "Yeah?"

"Yeah, somehow starting a masters in the summer seemed like a good idea... It's lots of really nerdy library stuff. My coworkers at the library don't seem to mind it, though, and S says it's interesting."

"Wow, he must really love you!"

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