Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our weekend starts on Wednesday

Fred Savage and the Unbeatables were rad on Friday night, hanging out at St. John's and somehow finding ourselves in the art building, empty of anyone else, poking around the half-finished pieces and looking at the printmaking equipment with Andrea and Chris. Ran into a bunch of people we knew, good to see Andy and Rich especially, and Tyler now that he's the lead singer for FSU. The new album, "Avoiding the Cubicle" is fantastic, and I love the "No Thanks" to "Opportunities for Tom in Japan," their former lead singer who is currently there.

Somehow when I listen to Hey Mercedes, I feel better about a lot of things, even when I'm feeling pale and tragic. Hence the name of this blog being a lyric from one of their songs. Rob Nanna rocks my face off. And I don't say that about every band, just the ones that really do rock. I like to be able to hear the testosterone behind the emotional lyrics. Hah. I remember being obsessed with "Quality Revenge" when I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, probably for weeks on end. Listening to that song in my cubicle felt so good.

I keep meaning to start reading stuff for my class, but then I come up with ways of avoiding it, or my brain doesn't process all the words I'm reading after ten minutes or so, so I stop. This procrastination has to stop... tomorrow.

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