Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Forget dancing all night, I want to cuddle

Freakin' A! I keep saying that lately, and I don't really know why. It is one of my cute little Bethy quirks, like how, when people come to the circulation desk and say, usually sheepishly, "I think I lost my library card..." or "I think my card is expired..." I have the tendency to say, in a pseudo-aghast way, "Oh dear!" and then I smile and say all the usual reassuring things about how it's only a dollar for a new card if it's lost, and it's free if it's just old! Free! No worries, folks!

Anyway, with the freakin' A. I was compelled to request the book, "The Five Love Languages, Men's Edition" or whatever it's titled by Gary Chapman, I think (I'm not in cataloging class at this very moment, okay?). I was thumbing through it on my break the other day. Mr. Chapman describes (in an overly thorough way, in my opinion) each love language (for review: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, physical touch, acts of service) and then at the end of each chapter, gives very excellent suggestions for guys to do for their wives (it's aimed at married dudes, so of course I will hand it to S as soon as he steps off that plane in 27 days).

For a time, I wasn't sure exactly which love language is mine, specifically. So I was reading the tips sections to see which one spoke to me the loudest. For quality time, I was like, "This sounds great," and then for "Acts of service," I was like, "I guess..." but for physical touch, I very nearly melted there in the break room at the library. All the ideas would have me a puddle on the floor every day. One of the suggestions was, "When your wife has a head cold, massage her forehead," and because my fall allergies have been bothering me a lot lately, my head is congested and I was thinking, "Freakin' A! Why isn't S here to rub my forehead?!" And the thing is, S is awesome when it comes to physical touch, what with holding my hand all the time and sitting close and big hugs and cuddle sessions.

Also, gotta love Mr. Chapman for writing, in the gifts section, something like, "It can't hurt to say this again guys: jewelry pretty much always works." Swoosh.

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