Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crosses all over the boulevard

I am so glad that I have my current job. My boss has been really great about my schedule now that I'm in library school, and he even loaned me his copy of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules for my class. Have I mentioned how we even have computers for use on our breaks? This place has been really supportive and particularly nurturing for me and my family, considering that Andrea works here, too.

I have the next four days off, which means I have two days to do my homework, Saturday is another class, and then Sunday is also free. This is amazing to me on many levels, namely that my boss said I can just come into work on the opposite Saturdays, which means I will still have off many days in a row. Schweet.

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Katie said...


Come play with me tomorrow
life in the city is quite lovely
the weather is nice
and so am i.
come to me now, monkey! :)