Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Checking off my list

I have this list of people I need to call, including Marcia from the Minnesota Library Association about my registration for this fall's conference, my voice teacher Marcie, my doctor for another appointment, and one of S's references so I can send off his resume for a job opening. I've been able to cross out three things on my list so far, but the others will probaby have to wait. I got the things for S done, though. Man, what am I, his girlfriend or his secretary? I'm kidding, I actually asked him if I could put in his resume for an opening I found, and he was very enthusiastic, so it's just an act of service showing my love for him.

Last night, some coworkers and Andrea and I took out another coworker for his 21st birthday. Nothing huge, just walked to a restaurant and had some happy hour appetizers and drinks (it was Monday night) and caught the end of the Vikings game (woo! we won!! like I care...). So due to that, I didn't get to bed until around 11:30 and then worked at 8 this morning, so I am debating whether I should call my cousin Angie to go on a bike ride or not. I guess I could call and see if she's around, anyway.

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