Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cast some light, it'll be all right

Class yesterday got really long and we kept going over AACR2 and the eight areas for book cataloging, and I was pretty much in the know once I'd read the chapter so it felt like a lot of going over things I already understood. Thankfully, Angie went with me to the cities. We'd originally planned to try to get rush tickets to see Joshua Bell at the Ordway with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, but after class I was quite hungry as were both of them, and we got awesome food from Carbone's near St. Kate's and then went to the Mall of America. Depressing place. By the time we left for the mall, it was pretty obvious we wouldn't make the rush line in time, so we just went back to Eve and Simon's apartment after shopping and many traffic detours.

Today I did my assignment for class, which isn't due for another two weeks. This class, a lot of work? Pffft. I think I may read ahead, because I don't think I'm going to become overwhelmed with three 5 point assignments throughout the class and one 10-page 25 point paper due at the end of class.

I also started reading Linda R. Hirshman's "Get to Work" today, and I'm going to finish it before bed. I'm definitely going to ask S to read it, too. Reading it makes me angry and annoyed and self-righteous and probably not fun to be around, but it does make me think about my life and my career goals and my desire for marriage, which never hurts to examine from a new perspective.

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