Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Racking 'em up

I got my first graded source assignment back in Reference class last night. S and I were running late because we stopped at an art supply store on Grand Avenue so S could look for a planner, which will come in handy when he's back in school.* Then, we were both hungry and decided to stop at a pizzeria four doors down from the art supply store. Even though we got a thin crust (so it would cook faster), I was about ten minutes late to class. Apparently, the professor had my assignment at the top of her stack to return, and when she called, "Beth?" and I wasn't there, one of my sit-in-the-back-row cohorts said, "Tardy!" Thanks, Liz. (I find this quite hilarious.)

Anyway, I got a A-, which was super satisfying, no joke. I worked hard on that assignment, answered all the questions (we only had to answer 6/9, but to attempt an A, we had to answer all of them) and found answers for every question, spending hours at the St. Cloud State University Library. We turned in our worksheets on using Dialog and as long as we answered every question, we got an A on that, as well. That's three A's so far! So, barring any unforeseen problems, and as long as I keep going to class and participating (%10 of the grade is participation; can you imagine, me, no participating in class? I think not!) I should have a nice grade for this course. Sweet.

*S got into college! He's going back to university (SCSU, home of the huskies, my alma mater!) to turn his BA in Political Science into a BS in Social Studies so he can be a teacher. At least, that's the plan right now. He's going to start with summer classes, and I am so proud of him, I could burst.

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