Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's like I'm perched on the handlebars of a blind man's bike

Things I am loving lately:

-Sue Grafton alphabet books. I'm up to her most recent, "S is for Silence," and I seem to remember starting back up in January by re-reading L through O, which is where I'm pretty sure I left off. I'm a little sad that I will almost be caught up entirely, but then I'm going to indulge in the Janet Evanovich number books, which I have been rationing up until now.

-Yarn and quick knitting projects. I got a few books from the library "Quick Knits" and "One Skein" and am getting inspired. I knitting up one and a quarter wrist warmers tonight using some stash yarn (woo!) and have some plans for some other stash yarn, and found a couple of (seemingly) great deals for yarn online which will lead to two projects I'm very excited about.

-The new Shins album, especially songs "Sea Legs" and "Split Needles," but pretty much the entire album is having me grooving and pleased about any car trip. Also, almost has me forgetting entirely the mediocre live performance I saw the Shins give at First Ave a couple years ago (sold out, too quiet, pre-smoking ban, etc. & etc.).

-The fact that I got into the required Management of Library and Information Centers course for first summer session (May 15th-July 3rd) with Marilyn Cathcart, the same professor who I had my intro course with last summer. Unfortunately, Liz, one of my back row cohorts from Reference class, didn't get in, but I hope fervently that this can be resolved. Cathcart is awesome, and once I'm done with it, I can take eight classes of pretty much whatever I want in order to complete the Masters in Library and Information Science. Whoo-whee.

-A possible birthday vacation trip to someplace interesting and fun which will include nature and urban life within budget constraints for me and my wonderful, ever-loving boyfriend.

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Jenny said...

Something that I am loving this week: Visiting your blog and learning something new - new links, new music, new blogs, new things about about you. Thanks for sharing!