Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh, the excitement

This past weekend, my parents were out of town for one of my cousin's weddings. I'm tellin' ya, that's what my cousins do: get married and have kids. Can't go six months without someone doing one or the other, which I think is causing me to want to resist all of that, but anyway.

S and I kind of got to play house for a few days. The whole thing was pretty much a great success. We went grocery shopping on Friday night after going on the downtown Art Crawl with some of my library co-workers. Saturday was spent meeting up with one of S's college friends and going to mass, staying up late to watch "Super Troopers" with my sister and our friend Soren.

Sunday, we slept in and S went to work in the afternoon while I did my reference homework on the local university campus. I'm trying to work ahead a bit on the homework front, as I know my motivation will decrease as the warm weather increases.

Tomorrow, I get to do the library delivery, which was a last-minute thing, and I'm looking forward to it. And it's also back to class after having spring break last week. Excellent.


chaviva said...

Seriously? Playing house is probably the most wonderful thing to do. I've bought sheets, curtains, gotten used to doing the dishes after Ian makes dinner. It's really ... wonderful :)

Simon said...

Your parents have one of the only bathrooms I have ever seen that is fully carpeted.

Just thought I'd share that. Oh, and when I'm over, I almost always weigh myself on the scale next to the, uh, sink cabinet thing. :)