Saturday, March 03, 2007

Not there yet

Last night at dinner at S's house, we were drinking some wine from a vineyard that shares S's family's last name. I had just a taste of the syrah, which was okay, but super cool to see his last name on a wine bottle. His mom was just talking casually, and said, "When you two get married, you could go visit the vineyard for your honeymoon."

There was enough other conversation happening at the table so I didn't have to say anything in response, thankfully. But I thought about it, and I've decided it's definitely kind of weird to hear your boyfriend's mom use the phrase, "when you two get married" in reference to her son and you. Or rather, me. Kind of nice, I guess, in that I don't think she would be shocked or surprised if we got married, but strange nonetheless.

We hung out as friends for a couple years before dating, having known each other in high school, lo these many years ago (a phrase I love to use when talking about S). S mentioned a while ago how it might be weird for his college friends, when they meet me, to think that I've known him longer than any of them. Like, they think they're old friends, but really, we saw "Star Wars: Episode I" in the theatre together, our "first date" in 1999. Now we spend so much time together, we joke that we live together nomadically, in the time/space between my parents' house and his grandma's house.

S and I aren't engaged, though we have been dating a little more than a year. S and I both have a number of friends who are engaged or married, and honestly, we're not at that point yet. For one, we don't fight nearly enough (hah, hah). We are both figuring out the whole career/school/life stuff, and while it's nice to think S could be part of my future, it's not as though we are in the specific planning stages of how to get from point A (dating) to point B or C (engagement and marriage).

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