Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I have the best mom

Somehow, I got something in my eye at work this morning. It itched, so I'm guessing it was a particle of dust, which would not be surprising in the environment in which I work (oh, libraries). It was causing me to rub my eye, which made it itch even more. Finally, I text messaged my mom, "Are you out running errands?" because Tuesdays are her days off and she usually is out and about town doing random mom duties.

She texted back, "Yes, I am downtown right now."

I texted, "Do you have any allergy medication with you?"

She wrote, "Yes, I have eye drops and tablets."

As I was texting back to ask if she could stop by the library, she walked into my work area. She looked at my eye and offered to put the drops in for me, and gave me an Allegra pill. We chatted for a couple minutes, and when she left, she said my eye was already looking better.

Reasons my mom is the best: 1) She knows how to text message. 2) She has everything you'd ever need in her purse. 3) She is willing to administer medical assistance. 4) She is often in the exact right place at the perfect time.

Thanks, mom!

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