Thursday, March 22, 2007


Sometimes I think it's kind of interesting to know which blogs people read. Lately, I have been trying to avoid the blogs I read that make me worried about the people writing them, and focusing more on the blogs that just give me information I need/want and entertain. So, just for fun, I will post some of what I have in my Bloglines feed.

Tame the Web, Michael Stephen's Librar* blog, Library 2.0 proponent, and faculty at Dominican University in Illinois, posts a lot.
Dooce, the blog everyone reads. Can't get enough Leta. And stories about poop and boobs.
Mason-Dixon Knitting, my favorite knitting blog.
Stitch Marker, Larissa's blog from Portland, Oregon. Makes me want to live in Portland, Oregon, and knit a lot, with a cute baby like Sebastian and a cute dog and a cute husband. Dangerous and lovely.
Wilful Sunflower, in Malaysia. Christian, but makes me worry about her.
Sweet Juniper, and don't ask me why I read blogs that are mostly about babies. I love little Juney. And Dutch and Wood seem cool, too.
Greek Tragedy, Stephanie Klein's now mostly about Abigail and Lucas, her twins, but just a very honest writer. Love it.
May December, Melissa Morris's preppy blog from New York. I love the pink and green, I love Monty Monday, and I love her advice and recipes. She's like my Martha Stewart—I can never be that wonderful, but I like that there's someone who is.
Mimi Smartypants, whose true identity I accidentally discovered a long time ago. I started on Diaryland the same day as she did, but she's still with them and I can't stand their design compared to Blogger, but her writing is freaky good.
I also read Unshelved nearly every day, which is a comic strip set in a library.
And I check PostSecret every Sunday, along with everyone else.
And I can't wait for Jessica Hagy's Indexed book to come out.

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