Monday, January 01, 2007

What's cooler than being cool?

New Years Eve consisted of collaborating with S in doing pretty much nothing. It was quite wonderful, really, going to Burger King (twice, confusing the drive-thru guy, I'm sure) and watching "Return of the Jedi" after our original plans for a family bonfire and going to Old Chicago fell through. I think S felt bad that it didn't go as planned, but hey, we aren't responsible for the kitchens at the bars closing at 10 and being hungry at 10:45 and not knowing the fire happened earlier, and I had a great time. A truly brilliant evening with that guy.

I nabbed a bunch of new music from my sister, who is gone to Chicago for a few days with friends, and am enjoying Guster and Telefon Tel Aviv and Amon Tobin and more Groove Armada and Bebel Gilberto and Broken Social Scene and Prefuse 73 and this nifty cover of "Hey Ya!" by Matt Weddle, whoever that is.

It's kind of cold outside, which is great, and it snowed yesterday, like actually enough to cover the grass, well mostly. I'm waiting to hear from S and I watched "Shopgirl" and ate leftover pasta from our date the other night.

Here's to a good 2007.


chaviva said...

I heart Broken Social Scene :D

Simon said...

The similarities between this post and the last few days of my life are rather striking...

• I watched Star Wars Episode IV this morning/afternoon

• I was listening to Groove Armada yesterday

• My lunch yesterday and today was leftover pasta that my wife and I made

Hm...ok, so those three things aren't as striking as I thought at first, but it's still pretty cool. Thanks for the skiing tips this afternoon!