Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hang on, there's a twilight, a night-time and a dawn

In important news: S has a job interview tomorrow, and I'm just praying that it goes well and that God's will be done. I'm not worried about it at all, since S is good on paper but way better in person, in all his charming, intelligent glory, but I just hope that the right thing happens. If he's supposed to have the job, he will.

I've got this really annoying cold that mainly just involves a lot of sneezing. At embarrassing moments, like at work while I'm helping patrons and in class last night. At least I don't feel miserable, just sound so.

I think I'm either going to go home after work or go to S's and take a nap, either place I end up. S went with me to St. Paul for class last night, and he drove home, which was very helpful and nice to have someone else with me and to drive at night. I still didn't get to bed until close to midnight, but it was great nonetheless, but now I'm feeling somewhat ready to hit the pillow again.

This weekend is going to be fun! My dad's birthday is Saturday, Simon and Eve are going to come up for games, and I'm off work and our Secret Sister reveal party is happening on Sunday at the Book & Bean. I also need to work on my paper/presentation, but I have tomorrow for that, too.

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