Monday, January 22, 2007

They love to tell you, stay inside the lines

The weekend was kind of a mish-mash of work on Saturday, rushing to mass after work, Sunday studying and hanging out with S. Yesterday, we watched "The Two Towers" with his cousin and I very nearly dozed off multiple times. I willingly watch the Lord of the Rings with them, but I always know I'm in for a long, long sit-session, keeping track of characters and plot points which all lead back to one thing: it's a series of movies about a piece of jewelry.

I've gotten some very helpful information for my reference project from the reference librarians where I work. They've given me some wonderful first-hand experiences and I'm even more excited to compile my paper and present to the class. I'm really hoping it goes well.

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Simon said...

A movie about jewelry it may be, but oh, what a movie! I hope you saw the four-hour version. :-)

Thanks for a wonderful time at Caribou the other day (I'm combing two post responses in one. Expedient, eh?) with you and S. I'm already looking forward to cards, popcorn, and good ol' family fun on Saturday. See you soon!