Monday, January 29, 2007

RE: S's interview

Well, they called S back about his interview last week, and while they said they really liked him, he didn't get the job. Someone else had more experience with some aspect of the job, so they offerred it to him instead. The job is an interim position, though, with a renewable contract, and that goes until June, so who knows what might happen with the person they hired.

I feel bad for S, because he really, really wanted that job and liked the idea of it very much, but I guess we don't know God's plans. I just know that S feels at his wit's end sometimes about being back from AmeriCorps since October and still not having a job or being in school. It's tough.

I find myself reminding him that he's a great guy with lots of valuable skills and abilities, and that I love him, and the job doesn't make the man.

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Simon said...

For what it's worth, which might not be more than the proverbial mound of legumes, I know what he's going through. It really stinks to have to hunt for a job. I hope he finds one soon. And, for the record, though quite off topic, we had a great time at your place the other night. :) I hope you two can make it over soon for dinner and good conversation.