Tuesday, February 06, 2007

To make a long story short...

Last night we wound up at the Green Mill after all, since Jazz Night at the Tavern was cancelled due to weather. S and I had good conversation over a margarita and a bloody mary and some coconut chicken fingers and nachos. And, I learned that Leinenkugel's is not an entirely gross beer, but it's still beer, and still, therefore, gross.

The weather decided to become winter today, complete with snow, so I'm hoping that kind of wraps up by the time we leave for St. Paul. S is going with me, which greatly reduces my winter driving anxiety, but I still don't like driving when it hasn't been plowed sufficiently.

I'm excited to discuss our assignment tonight in class, since my experience in doing the homework was both interesting and fun. S and I went to the St. Cloud State library and I used the Great Soviet Encyclopedia with great success. Additionally, I read about Margaret Mead in a bunch of anthropological encyclopedias and used the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations to gather more information on some quotes. Thanks to S, I also had a caffeine charge and didn't get a parking ticket due to him plugging the meter. What a guy.

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Simon said...

Green Mill = Teh Awesome. Their pizza is mighty tasty, as are their nachos. And tell S that if he ever needs a place to chill while he's in the cities, have him call us. :)