Sunday, February 18, 2007


Hello there! I should really be doing some preliminary reading in order to do my reference homework later at the St. Cloud State library, but instead I'm here. I'm also going into work today (I know, a Sunday!) when the library where I work in normally closed, in order to help clear off our loading dock. In a nutshell, bags upon bags of books are routed through our central hub, and we unpack and repack them. We've gotten behind, as we've lost a few employees lately (due to promotions). I don't know how long I'll be there today, but I'm willing to help out since the library is closed on Monday and I won't have to work then.

I don't know why I keep putting off my reference homework. I guess one answer is that it took me about three hours of time at the library to find what I needed for the first assignment, about two hours the second time, and so I'm hoping magically it will only take one hour this time. I know this can't be true, but I'm holding onto the dream. I have to read two chapters of the textbook (Bopp and Smith, you kill me) and that's it. It's like, really? That's it? This professor could totally be throwing way more shit at us to do on a weekly basis, especially considering how much of my life was taken up by homework for my first grad class. I'm grateful, actually, that it isn't more work, but it could be, and I wouldn't complain.

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Simon said...

Now that's positive thinking, Beth. If you think about the relationship as linear, it would take three hours the first time, two hours the second time, one for the next, and zero for the fourth time you have to find what you need for the assignment.

After that, you will find yourself having the necessary materials before you begin!