Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday's almost over

S stopped by to visit me at work and is going to hang out until I'm off at 9, and then I think we're going to hit the pubs. Not really, but I think we may go out to jazz night at the Tavern downtown, though I think I'd rather go to Green Mill and have an appetizer or two. We'll see. Maybe we could do both.

Saturday evening was a good time with S and some of his family. We got dressed up and Andrea helped with my hair and I promise I will add some photos to this post when I download them from my camera. I am told I looked pretty darn good, and S looked wonderful, of course. We ate and had tiramisu for dessert and danced until midnight. My shoes were actually quite comfortable (no blisters) but my feet did get sore anyway.


chaviva said...

Photos! Yes! I love reading about you and S, it makes me quite happy for the two of you!

Jenny O said...

You look beautiful!