Tuesday, October 02, 2007

School projects, phase 1 going well

Our group project for my Special Libraries class is supposed to be on a library for music/performing arts. I am super excited to say that the Minnesota Orchestra librarian has agreed to work with us! He seems like a fun guy (just from reading his bio on the MNOrch site and from his reply e-mail), and I think my group members will be pleased that he agreed to help us.

For my individual project, the music librarian at the College of St. Benedict agreed to let me interview her, and she was my first choice when I read the assignment description. Plus, the close proximity of the school means I won't have to drive to the cities any more than I already do.

When I read both of the reply e-mails, I experienced a little bubble of excitement with each. Yes, things are looking good, at least for school.

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