Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My new spectacles

I had such crappy luck with the glasses I bought at Wal-Mart back in April before our trip to San Francisco. The spring hinge broke two weeks ago, and the warranty on glasses at Wal-Mart is only 60 days. Thanks a lot, Wal-Mart. Ugh. Remind me never to buy anything there ever again, okay? $200 down the drain.

So, I went with my sister to Pearle Vision, where my eye doctor works, and we scoped out the glasses there. They had a pretty sweet deal going on, too ($100 off any frame). S ultimately helped me pick out these Tommy Hilfiger frames in brown, which are fab. Well, I like them, anyway. Spring hinges and they frame my eyes well, and I get the tortoiseshell look I wanted on the ear pieces.

And Pearle Vision has a 1-year warranty on their glasses. Sweet.


elysa said...

I need some new 'lasses (that's what I call them) hate trying them on and deciding which ones I like best.

Simon said...

New specs look great, Beth!

Poop on Wallyworld!

chaviva said...

The last three pairs of glasses I got (two prescription, one sunglass prescription) I got at Eyeglass World. That's two pairs of normal glasses that all together have survived me nearly 6 years. It's amazing. They were so cheap, it hurt. But they're soooo good.

I need to get some new glasses (I recently got new lenses, but want new frames, too, darn't!).

Chery Bond said...

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